Distributed generation from renewable sources is a key part of the Government’s strategy to tackle climate change.  Energy intensive commercial and industrial users are facing rapidly increasing electricity prices as well as exposure to carbon emissions penalties, the prospect of reducing energy demand and carbon reduction is high on the agenda in future planning.

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CTI invests in solutions to bridge the gap for large industry, it provides turnkey wind power plants connected to an end user’s base load to offset the power that would otherwise be drawn from the grid, directly to the user’s facilities via a private power network.

We deliver multi mega-watt wind power generation on a turn-key, fully managed basis, saving our partner end-users millions of pounds each year and protecting their businesses long term from rising utility costs whilst replacing the power that would otherwise be drawn from the grid with clean power generated by the wind.


Embedded On-Site Power Generation – Our business of delivering renewable power where it’s needed

CTI, through its subsidiary SPV’s develops, constructs owns and operates the wind turbines at zero cost to the end user, allowing our end-user/landowner partners to concentrate on their core business whilst we focus on delivering efficient power generation to their facilities.


A 1.5MW wind turbine at an average industrial site will generate in excess of 4,000MWh per annum and when this generation is embedded into a user’s distribution network, can reduce loads by as much as 100% of the turbine’s annual production, representing several hundred thousand pounds each year and millions in cost savings for the user over the lifespan of the system.

CTI is active in the development of projects ranging in size from 0.5MW through to multiple turbine power plants.

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