We believe the greatest opportunity exists for renewable power generation in harnessing the natural power of the wind.  Our wind turbines have accentuated rotor sizes and hub heights often exceeding 80m.  The efficiency of wind power generation increases with altitude and the large rotor blades of the modern direct drive wind turbines capture more energy at lower wind speeds.

Tree shaped by the windCommunity Scale Wind MFC1a

The UK and Ireland has one of the best wind resources in Europe, combined with ambitious EU led renewable energy and carbon reduction commitments, the economic stability and the desire for Governments to achieve these targets by 2020, both jurisdictions have established subsidy schemes to support and actively promote growth in wind power development.  These markets are at the core of CTI growth plans, with a focus on investing in development and operating wind projects that offer attractive cash yields together with stable, predictable long term capital gains.

CleanTech Investments is a one-stop developer and owner operator of power generation projects.  Our wind development team is technically very capable, with the ability to carry out the entire development process in house from origination of the initial concept, site assessment, planning screening, wind resource assessment and grid connection, through to construction project management and overseeing operation of the completed wind assets.