Fully funded commercial solar thermal heating systems for public sector buildings, schools, hotels, sports stadiums or agriculture.  Generate your heating from the sun with our turnkey Solar Thermal systems.   Our group will install and operate the system at no cost to you, whilst saving you thousands in heating overheads by generating your heating from the sun.

We use advanced solar thermal tracking solutions to maximise efficiency, capturing the sun’s energy and turning this into heat for your premises.

Our accredited installers will carry out a free no obligation feasibility study to determine how much you could save and to scale a solar thermal system to our end-user’s requirements.

commercial solar thermal

*  We will service and maintain the system for its lifetime under our 20 year                    energy services contract.

*  You get to keep the system after 20 years

*   We will plan a system best suited to your heating requirements

*   Highest quality products, with manufacturer lifespans exceeding 25 years

Contact Us for further information or to book a no obligation survey.