“Clean Tech Investments provides your business with long term protection from rapidly inflating gas and oil heating prices. We plan, develop and construct biomass heating and power systems on a fully funded basis, delivering biomass heat and power across a wide range of industry sectors at no cost to the end user.”

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A biomass boiler or biomass CHP system can directly replace your existing fossil fuel boiler, delivering clean energy via the highly efficient combustion of biomass wood to heating and power.

Here’s how it works:

Our 20 year Energy Services Contract allows us to install our equipment at the end-user’s facilities and sets out a framework for the operation, service and sale of heating and or electricity to the end-user.  We will plan, develop and fund any biomass boiler or biomass power system of greater than 100KW installed capacity for hotels, sports stadiums, public sector buildings and agriculture.

We are power producers – We install, operate and maintain the boiler and sell the heating and or electricity generated by our equipment to the end-user, providing a saving of around 40% on utility expenditure and providing protection to the end-user’s business long term against rapidly inflating energy prices.

Three step process to installing your biomass boiler or power system:

1. Our free no obligation feasibility study will determine the feasibility and cost savings to be achieved from the installation. We will evaluate the technical implications and your current and future heating and power requirements, scaling a system and the most appropriate technology to deliver efficient biomass heat and power to your facilities.

2. Technical Review:  We will evaluate your heating and electricity requirements and design a system to best fulfil your energy demands.  We will carry out a site investigation to determine cable and pipe routes, enabling us to prepare a detailed project scoping report and installation cost quotation ready for the next stage of the process.

3. Contract Completion:   Our legal team will provide final copies of the Energy Services Contract for signing between the parties. Once complete, any planning application or grid connection application required will be submitted and upon grant of the required approvals, installation works will formally commence.

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