Biomass wood is a carbon neutral renewable energy source, derived both from virgin timbers as well as recycled wood co-products.  The carbon emitted during combustion of biomass wood is equal to that absorbed by the originating tree during its lifetime of photosynthesis and the wood is derived from sustainable sources.

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Commercial Biomass Boilers and Biomass Power

Clean Tech Investments designs, finances and operates commercial biomass boilers and biomass CHP systems throughout the UK and Northern Ireland.   Our “turnkey BIOMASS BOILER IN A BOX” approach is designed to reduce commercial energy overheads for our end user clientèle, whilst our investors and shareholders derive long term capital gains from  our biomass heat operating companies, owning the boiler assets registered for the Renewable Heat Incentive  throughout the lifetime of each project.


Commercial Biomass Boilers                                                           containerised biomass boilers

Our 20 year energy services contract allows our end user to reduce its carbon footprint, whist reducing heating overheads by as much as 40% over the 20 year life cycle.

Our biomass power development activities are focused operation of medium to large scale biomass boilers and district heating systems, where a centralised boiler provides heating and hot water, or a biomass combined heat and power generator delivers both heat and electricity.


Biomass Fuel Production and Supply

Biomass Pellets Direct is our biomass pellet and wood chip production and distribution subsidiary.  Our biomass wood pellets are derived from sustainable woodland throughout Europe using  dead, downed and diseased softwood and hardwood timber that is processed for biomass wood fuel production.     We are committed to re-planting schemes to enrich ecological sustainability, with approximately 60% of the trees felled for biomass production being replaced each year.

Biomass Pellets Direct

Biomass Pellets Direct operates to the highest standards of quality assurance. Our products confirm to CEN/TC 335 standards and we have capacity to deliver around 100,000 tonnes of premium quality biomass wood fuel to the UK and Irish markets each year.   

Clean Tech Investments is dynamic in its approach of scaling according to demand and with aggressive growth plans in this sector our production capacity is set to dramatically increase year on year.


Electric pumps                                                 Fully funded biomass biolers

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