Our Mission and Values

Is to become a global leader in the development of distributed renewable energy systems, embracing the most efficient technologies to generate clean energy from renewable sources.

The environment is at the heart of what we do, careful site selection and consideration to the ecological and visual implications ensures CTI development proposals far outweigh adverse impacts.

Our focus is on distributed generation, providing the power at the source of where it is required.  This is demonstrated in our strategy of developing projects at industrialised zones, generating and delivering this power directly on-site to energy intensive users over the lifetime of the project, offsetting carbon emissions with clean power that would otherwise be drawn from the distribution network and protecting our development partner businesses from rapidly inflating electricity prices.

The global demand for clean energy creates major growth opportunities.  CTI is uniquely positioned to embrace this growth by developing projects that support positive social development.  We are a dynamic group with the ability to re-position our business to react to the evolution of our sector and the challenges this presents.

Our Values:

To engage with communities to develop projects that serve to benefit those living in and around our power generating stations;

Wherever feasible to do so we will consider alternative suggestions for the size, layout and presentation of a site after factoring in the requirements of the community, environmental and transportation considerations;

To offer a discounted, energy supply tariff to those living in close proximity to our wind farms;

To offer communities our commitment in social investment through community funds and direct investment into community schemes and to bring positive change to the communities and development partners we work alongside;

To develop projects at sites where there is a requirement for renewable power, engaging in the development of on-site power generation and community schemes that deliver positive economic and social benefits;

To embrace our sector as a whole and to capitalise on the concept of delivering power from sustainable sources, focusing on the most opportune conditions for those renewable technologies and adapting to technological advances and breakthroughs that increase the efficiency of our power generating stations;

To conduct every aspect of our business in an honest, pro-active, efficient and transparent way and to ensure a high level of integrity and respect is reflected in our business dealings both on a local and a global level;

To enrich local communities and make a positive environmental impact in the reduction of carbon emissions.