Corporate Governance

Corporate responsibility and accountability is at the heart of our business, we reflect this in our professional conduct and approach to every aspect of our development business.  Our integrity and credibility is extremely important to us and we reflect this in all our dealings with our investors, suppliers, colleagues and clients.

The independent ownership structure of Clean Tech Investments gives conviction a place in its decision making processes.  The result is clear-sighted, thoughtful decisions throughout our business areas.

Clean Tech Investments brings together leading professionals from diverse disciplines and with specialist complementary skill to enrich, inspire, develop and deliver even the most complex projects.

We are transparent in our approach and publish the level of accountability and our procedures within our website and in our contractual and transactional documentation.

The board of directors is responsible for the stewardship and governance of CTI group activities.  As part of this, it sets our group’s strategic aims and values and oversees the executive management who execute the operational side of our business in line with our processes.

Our Corporate Governance report is published annually and a copy of the report is made available at request.