CleanTech Investments (“CTI”) is a power generation group active in the development of distributed power generation projects, utility scale wind farms, concentrating solar thermal, CPV and biomass energy.

The UK Government has a binding EU commitment to supply 15 per cent of its total energy needs from renewable sources by 2020. It promotes the use of renewable energy through a number of policies, including the Renewable Obligation, Renewable Heat Incentive, Feed in Tariff and Northern Ireland Renewable Obligation schemes.  CTI, through its subsidiaries is owner operator of its projects and is independent in its development activities from initial concept through to commissioning of each plant.

CTI is making a vital contribution to the UK and Ireland’s future needs, whilst concentrating our developments on brownfield land and industrial zones where visual and environmental impacts are minimised.

We seek to actively diversify our portfolio of UK and Irish renewable energy assets that can be constructed prior to 2017. We adopt an aggressive strategy in the development of projects, selecting the most opportune sites that provide the highest returns for our partners and shareholders and taking those sites from initial concept through to completion and  operation.  We have strong industry relationships and project finance expertise enabling us to maximise returns for our investors and shareholders through long term capital gains derived in distributed power generation projects.

In Europe and worldwide our interests are in the development of utility scale wind, concentrating solar PV and concentrating solar thermal power plants and biomass energy, using the most efficient technologies to generate renewable heat and power.

Our approach and ethics:

As a responsible developer and investor in wind and solar energy we undertake developments only on poor grade land substantial distances away from dwellings and in areas where the visual and environmental impacts are far outweighed by the benefits of the project.  Our developments are located in industrialised zones, providing on-site power to energy intensive users via wind turbines, biomass power or solar PV embedded in a private network, delivering positive benefits both in offsetting carbon emissions and protecting our partners from rising electricity prices.

Our team of highly motivated professionals combine a strong background in renewable energy, with property, planning, commercial and legal expertise, enabling us to facilitate the entire project development process in house from initial concept through to commissioning and operation.  We have well established relationships with industry leading technical and legal consultants that provide high level support at each stage of the development process.

Mutual respect, trust and integrity are key values for CTI and this is reflected in our long term partnership approach with our development partners, shareholders, investors, contractors and colleagues.


CTI appreciates the competitive advantages of diversity and has the ability to act quickly to empower and capitalise on new opportunities across the distributed power generation sector.  Our interests are broad in a geographical sense, whilst recognising the need to retain focus in our business and our core development expertise.

Our Partnerships:

CTI greatly values its relationships with its development partners and landowners.  We seek to exceed expectations at every stage, from initial negotiations to completion and operation of each project.