CleanTech Investments is a London based power generation company and developer of renewable energy projects in Europe and overseas.

We specialise in the development of community scale <5MW projects to utility scale wind farms in the UK and Ireland.  We have utility scale development interests throughout the Balkans and in emerging markets for large scale wind and power generation projects. 

We are active in the development of concentrated solar ("CPV") projects in the United Arab Emirates and South Africa. 

Our biomass power division is focused on the production and distribution of biomass wood pellets and wood chip throughout Europe. 

CleanTech Investments is active across the distributed generation sector as a developer of wind, solar and biomass energy schemes that deliver positive environmental, social and economic benefits to business and communities.



Wind Power Division

In the UK CleanTech Investments focuses on small scale Feed in Tariff connected projects of between 500KW – 5MW per project, as well as utility scale wind projects qualifying under the UK Renewables Obligation, NIROCS (Northern Ireland) and the REFIT 2 Scheme in the Republic of Ireland.

We favour development of industrial and brownfield land projects that have a requirement for renewable energy to offset energy demands on-site.

We develop, construct and operate our wind energy projects at no cost to the landowner/end-user, often combining an attractive index linked Lease with a long term Energy Supply Agreement, delivering clean power to facilities at fixed rates substantially below the market price of electricity.  Read more.



Solar Power Division - Concentrating Solar PV and Solar Thermal

CleanTech Investments is a developer of utility scale concentrating solar power and solar thermal generating stations.  We originate and invest in the development and construction of projects in multiple jurisdictions.

CleanTech investments believes the greatest opportunity for growth is in concentrating solar power.  CPV delivers at least twice the yield of conventional solar PV and uses half the land area.  Heliostat power plants store solar thermal energy to continue delivering power day and during the night, when the PV cells would otherwise be redundant. Read more..



Solar Power Division - Concentrating Solar PV and Solar Thermal

Biomass Pellets Direct, a CleanTech Investments subsidiary specialises in the manufacture and distribution of premium quality biomass wood pellets. 

CTI Biomass plans, constructs and operates biomass boilers and biomass combined heat and power. Our systems are installed at no cost to the end user and we work across a wide range of energy intensive industry sectors.

Our scheme is designed to dramatically reduce energy overheads, protecting end-users against rapidly increasing energy prices and delivering clean power and heat generated by wood pellets or chippings derived from sustainable sources.  Read more..